The BabyBird Guide to Wine: Decanted & Demystified

The BabyBird Guide to Wine: Decanted & Demystified


The BabyBird Guide to Wine: Decanted & Demystified

Wine. Hundreds of millions of litres are consumed globally every year. Are you confident about what you’re drinking? This packed guidebook can be read in about thirty minutes! Questions you may have about wine: How is it made? How long has wine existed? What is the best way to taste wine? Which type of wine will be best suited to my meal? Which country produces the most wine in the world? What’s the difference between Shiraz and Syrah? BabyBird answers these questions and more in a concise and easy format with a fun style. Links to resources are included, all the research is done for you!

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The BabyBird Guide to Wine begins with a brief history of wine, providing an explanation of the most popular grapevines and how they came into existence. Discover how grapes are cultivated and eventually end up as wine in a bottle. Over a dozen grape types are explained, including: interesting facts about each grape, the types of tastes you can expect, the optimal serving temperature and food-pairing ideas. For those looking for additional assistance in how to order wine in a restaurant, you won’t be disappointed! Wine labels are demystified and tips for buying stemware will help you select the best glass for your wine-tasting adventures.

There is something in this guide for every level of wine-drinker, whether you’ve been tasting for years or are just getting started. Learn more about the wine you drink with The BabyBird Guide to Wine: Decanted & Demystified. It’s a launch pad for further research, a handy e-reference while on the go, or a complete resource to get your taste buds going!

About the Authors

Samantha Des Roches has the natural gift of pulling delicious meals together, including the pairing of wine with the dishes she prepares. With 25 years of experience in the Food & Wine Industry, Samantha complements her extraordinary talents with a Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Arts degree from the California Culinary Academy in San Francisco. Today, Samantha enjoys developing menus that bring out the best of both food and wine together.

TanyaWhiteTanya is the Founder of BabyBird Guides and her passion is to learn. Curious is a good word to describe her. An avid wine-drinker with an interest in expanding her own knowledge, she partnered with Samantha to produce this book, with a goal to simplify what is considered a complex topic.

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