Press Release Travel Guides Reinvented

Press Release Travel Guides Reinvented

Travel Guides Reinvented with Design for Mobile Devices

Austin Startup Publishes eBooks Optimized for Any Device

Paris_ThumbnailDecember 19, 2013, Austin, Texas – Travel guides are not a good business anymore. Just look at the evidence from Lonely Planet staffing cuts and the Google purchase then sell-back of Frommers. Today’s mobile traveler doesn’t have room to carry a heavy print guide, and mobile devices run apps that only work effectively if you have an internet connection. The U.S. Travel Association reports that only four percent of travelers use their mobile device for planning purposes. What’s been missing is a format that provides information, designed for a mobile device, that does not require an internet connection. BabyBird Guide, Knowledge in Bite-Sized Pieces™, is filling that gap.

“Tourism is increasing in most countries globally, according to the The World Bank, and those travelers want to be informed when they arrive,” says Tanya White, Founder of BabyBird Guides. “Today’s travelers are more adventurous than ever, and there’s a confidence in exploring when you at least know the basics about where you’re going. But, no one wants to carry those large books anymore, and the current ebooks simply offer print books that have been digitized and put online.”
Guide to Shanghai

Designed for a digital world, BabyBird Guides do not include hotel or restaurant recommendations. “When’s the last time you went to your travel guide for restaurant recommendations? That’s not where people go for advice about local food. It’s unnecessary information,” White continued, “if someone is online, they will use a local ratings website; if they are offline, they ask the locals.” The philosophy for these brief and informative travel guides is to provide helpful facts, top attractions, insider’s tips on local culture and customs, and a list of attractions that you won’t find on most top lists. Hyperlinks are included to attraction websites, maps, and other references for readers looking for more information. The ebooks can be read through in approximately thirty minutes, appealing to today’s short attention spans.

BabyBird Guides are priced at the amount of what a single chapter of a traditional travel guide might cost, and a fraction of many travel guide apps. The guides appeal to the traveler who is ready to travel light, review the city’s highlights, and get the essential tips to navigating the city, but may not have the time to read an entire, traditional travel book, or conduct extensive online research. All ebooks are optimized and downloadable for any device type. BabyBird Guide has begun the series with popular destinations including London, Paris, Barcelona, and more.

“Our mission is to make every word count, creating an ebook format for readers who don’t have a lot of time, but love to learn”, said White, “we want our readers to arrive at their destination with confidence.” These travel guides are among a myriad of other topics that BabyBird Guide offers. BabyBird Guides are ebooks designed for knowledge-thirsty people with limited time to read. Like CliffsNotes or Cole’s Books, but for life! See the growing library of books at BabyBird Guide.

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BabyBird Guide was incorporated in 2013 with a single mission: to create non-fiction ebooks in easy-to-digest pieces that are fun to read and affordable. That’s how we landed on our tagline: Knowledge in Bite-Sized Pieces™. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, authors live around the world and titles are currently published in English only. The ebooks can be read in about 30 minutes and are priced at what a single chapter might cost.