The BabyBird Guide to Shanghai: Dumplings, Squatties, and Skyline

The BabyBird Guide to Shanghai: Dumplings, Squatties, and Skyline

Guide to Shanghai

The BabyBird Guide to Shanghai: Dumplings, Squatties, and Skyline

If you are a traveler seeking adventure and intrigue, snag a copy of the BabyBird Guide to Shanghai: Dumplings, Squatties, and Skyline. BabyBird offers you a practical introduction to exploring China’s largest city, including what to expect at the wet markets and how to navigate the squatty potty. Read the guide in 30 minutes!

The guide begins with an introduction to the city, including a brief history that explains how Shanghai transformed from being an illegal opium-trading spot to one of the most-populated, multicultural metropolises in the world. From there, you will discover how to arrive and navigate in the city with success, whether using the Metro or the magnetic levitation train (Pro tip from BabyBird: You can purchase a Shanghai Public Transportation Card, which looks and works like a debit card, to pay for all of your in-city traveling costs, whether bus, taxi, ferry, or Metro).

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This travel guide offers a snapshot of the most popular tourist destinations in Shanghai, including the Bund, the Shanghai World Financial Center, and YuYuan Garden. Adventurers looking for fresh inspiration will find unique ideas to explore the city, including where to buy inexpensive eyeglass frames (with your prescription!), find an underground gallery of propaganda art from the Cultural Revolution, and which parks to explore for a day away from the hustle of the city streets.

If you’ve ever wondered what to expect during Chinese New Year, how to bargain your way to an excellent price at the local fake market, or what’s inside a traditional Shanghainese dumpling, the BabyBird Guide to Shanghai is for you. In addition to these topic areas, the guide also includes tidbits on preferred travel seasons in Shanghai, how to get from the international airport to the heart of the city, and where to find activities for travelers fond of art, architecture, history, science, and shopping.

The BabyBird Guide to Shanghai can serve as a launch pad for further research, a handy e-reference while on the go, or a complete resource for a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants adventure.

About the Author, Alex Allison

Alex Allison had the gift of living in Shanghai for an entire academic year as a sophomore in college. While pursuing her studies in Mandarin Chinese, she particularly enjoyed sampling perfumes at Tian Zi Fang, browsing Shanghai’s visual history at the Propaganda Art Poster Centre, and jogging along the Bund. She has also spent time working and studying in the mountains of Honduras, and most recently, northern Iraq (which, she likes to note, has an abundance of Ferris wheels). You can find Alex on LinkedIn.