Press Release: BabyBird Guide to Wine

Press Release: BabyBird Guide to Wine

New Style of Wine Guide Informs Novice Wine Drinkers

Austin startup publishes ebook to close gap in wine consumers’ learning options


August 5, 2013, Austin, Texas – A new ebook has been published globally that finally closes the gap in the variety of wine guides available to novice wine drinkers. The BabyBird Guide to Wine: Grape Tastes for Savvy Sippers is an informative guide catered towards those getting started in their journey of wine appreciation, to help them gain confidence in restaurants and when they are making purchasing decisions. Wine drinkers everywhere will raise their glasses as they become knowledgeable on wine in 30 minutes of reading. Sommelier and Editor of Wine Folly, Madeline Puckette, describes the book as “A concise guide on wine fundamentals that will get you going in the right direction. A fun and fast Sunday read.”

“Wine consumption continues to increase around the world, with some countries, like China, experiencing 20% more wine consumers now than there were just a few years ago,” said Tanya White, Founder of BabyBird Guide, “and our market research came back with a resounding ‘help me understand wine…and fast’ as a priority. We’ve consulted with industry experts to produce this short guide.”

Currently, the options available for those interested in learning about wine includes the large textbook style guides with infinite details right across to pocket guides that cost over US$10 for a copy that is hundreds of pages long and may only be available in print. “The concept behind our guide to wine is to both entertain and inform our readers,” Tanya continued, “in a short period of time and at a cost-effective price. If they are interested in learning more, all the resources are included within the book. Feedback has been extremely positive so far.”

Dive into Grape Tastes for Savvy Sippers as you curl up with the reading device of your choice and a glass of your favorite vino. Whether you want to understand how grapes go from cultivation to liquid in a bottle, or to learn what type of wine to order at a restaurant, this guide includes a little bit of everything. Readers will learn about the most popular white wines (Chardonnay, Gewurztraminer, Muscat, Pinot Grigio, Riesling, and Sauvignon Blanc) and the most popular reds (Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Sangiovese, Shiraz and Zinfandel), including their history and food pairing ideas. Pronunciations for all terms are included throughout.

BabyBird Guide™ was launched on one fundamental concept that would become the tagline of the company: Knowledge in Bite-Sized Pieces™. BabyBird Guide is a digital publishing company that produces short, practical guides, like CliffsNotes, but for life. Each book is designed to be read in under an hour. “Our mission is to provide information in an easy-to-consume, fun format,“ Tanya continued, “and the shrinking number of options for authors to bring their knowledge into the world has created a backlog of interest in getting help publishing online.”

The ebooks from BabyBird Guide are offered through outlets globally, allowing customers to pick the file format that suits their preferred technology. From iPads and iPhones to Kindles and Kobo Readers, the primary goal is flexibility for the consumer: Any device, Anywhere.

About Tanya White
Tanya White is the Founder of the digital publishing company BabyBird Guide, Knowledge in Bite-Sized Pieces. Marketing executive turned entrepreneur, Tanya has built a career around delivering content to customers in meaningful ways that fits the myriad of learning styles of consumers. Tanya has created and executed integrated marketing plans for companies from Fortune 50 to startups. You can find Tanya on LinkedIn.

About BabyBird GuideBabyBird Guide, Knowledge in Bite-Sized Pieces™, is a digital publishing company based in Austin, Texas, providing practical ebook guides on a range of topics from business to travel, from wine to health, and more. Our mission is to provide information in an easy-to-consume, fun format that is available globally for the device of choice for readers: any device, anywhere!