Press Release: BabyBird Guide to Triathlon

Press Release: BabyBird Guide to Triathlon

New Book Helps Readers Optimize Triathlon Success

Newly released Guide to Triathlon leads with distance as most important question


November 21, 2013, Austin, Texas – Triathlons come in all sizes and courses: from super-sprints, to ultra distance. So, how do you decide what distance is right? Carrie Barrett, a USAT L1 certified coach, hears that question first from her athletes of all caliber all of the time, which is why put her 12 years of of triathlon experience into the BabyBird Guide to Triathlon: Decide Your Distance, Focus on the Finish. The Guide walks you through the process of figuring out what race distance is right for you based on your goals and lifestyle.

The BabyBird Guide to Triathlon: Decide Your Distance, Focus on the Finish is a refreshing and unique take on both guidebooks and training. Rather than a thick read of statistics, BMI calculators, training plans, or long scientific explanations, this ebook is chock full of boots-on-the-ground practical insight. It is centered around choosing the optimal race distance and course around your strengths, goals, and lifestyle. Coach Barrett asks the real questions about your daily habits, your motivations, and your dedication; her experience helps you determine and visualize your goals–crucial to a serious athlete.

Self evaluation questions are asked to help you consider all of the factors before signing up for a race. Coach Barrett said, “By the time you’ve finished reading this guide, you’ll be well on your way to choosing a course distance best suited for your success as a triathlete. Being smart about your goals, understanding your motivations, and having a plan to achieve success will ensure that you triumph on the racecourse.”

Additionally, details that only a lifetime of triathlon experience could anticipate saturate the BabyBird Guide to Triathlon. (i.e. Which bike do I need? What’s the best way to transport my bike across the country to my race? Do I need a wetsuit? What if I only have two months to train, and have kids under the age of five?) She addresses the hours of training required for your race distance, and gives different tips for how to incorporate training into your daily routine. She talks about the monetary realities of this sport, which vary and depend on your equipment, distance, and race location. That’s only the beginning.

The most unique part of this honest training guide, is that you can read this ebook in less time than it takes to complete a sprint. The BabyBird Guide to Triathlon can be read in 30 minutes or less, and optimizes to any smart device, so that you can easily reference any of the sections, or read time and time again. “Our mission is to make every word count, creating an ebook format for readers who don’t have a lot of time, but love to learn”, said Tanya White, Founder of BabyBird Guide. Triathlons are among a myriad of other topics that BabyBird Guide offers. BabyBird Guides are ebooks designed for knowledge-thirsty people with limited time to read. Like CliffsNotes or Cole’s Books, but for life! Check out all of the books at BabyBird Guide.

About the Carrie Barrett
Carrie Barrett is a USAT L1 certified coach and founder of FOMO Training based in Austin, Texas, where she coaches runners and multisport athletes to finish lines at races of all distances. She’s a public speaker and freelance writer, with articles appearing in IRONMAN, Training Peaks, and LAVA Magazine, and columnist for Austin Fit Magazine, and her Coach Carrie Column.

You can follow Carrie’s blog and reach her at FOMO Training or on twitter at @fomocoach.

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