Press Release: Startup Speak

Press Release: Startup Speak

New Business Glossary Demystifies Terminology For Entrepreneurs

Austin startup publishes ebook to support growing small business sector

StartupSpeak_THUMBNAILJuly 23, 2013, Austin, TexasBabyBird Guide is excited to introduce The BabyBird Guide to Startup Speak: A Business Glossary to Get Your Bossy Boots On, the go-to glossary for new entrepreneurs exploring the unfamiliar territory of starting a business. Individuals launching their own business will find terms exclusive to the world of startups, as well as common business terminology in a style that is user-friendly and easy-to-understand.

Startup Speak encourages entrepreneurs to get ahead of the competition by educating themselves on words that are typically known only by experienced business professionals. Tanya White, Founder of BabyBird Guide, understands the importance of being familiar with business terminology in professional settings. “I was at a networking event for startups here in Austin and someone was talking about being in ‘death valley.’ I was terribly confused, the image in my mind was of a desert,” said Tanya White. “Thankfully, I’m not shy about telling someone when I don’t understand what they are saying, but it did get me thinking about all the people who would not ask for clarification. Those people might really think the person was talking about the desert!” If you aren’t aware, Death Valley, a.k.a. Valley of Death, is a slang phrase used to refer to the time period for a new business between product launch and customer acquisition.

The options for entrepreneurs to learn the language of the startup scene are limited. “There is an overwhelming number of resources available to identify a variety of terms,” Tanya continued, “but we were unable to find any one destination that included the majority of terms that someone starting out would need.” The team at BabyBird Guide welcomes feedback on the content, including the identification of suggested terms to include for the next edition.

BabyBird Guide was launched on one fundamental concept that would become the tagline of the company: Knowledge in Bite-Sized Pieces. BabyBird Guide is a digital publishing company that offers practical guides to life from business to travel, from wine to fitness, and more. Like CliffsNotes or Coles’ Notes, but for life, each book is designed to be read in under an hour. “Our mission is to provide information in an easy-to-consume, fun format,“ Tanya continued, “and the shrinking number of options for authors to bring their books into the world has created a backlog of interest in getting help publishing online.”

The ebooks from BabyBird Guide are offered globally through outlets that allow you to pick the file format that suits your preferred technology. From iPads and iPhones to Kindles and Kobo Readers, the primary goal is flexibility for the consumer: any device, anywhere.

BabyBird Guide is also proud to have the Startup Speak business glossary included in the series of books from Empower Lounge, The Yin and Yang of Starting a Business. Tanya co-authored these books with the founder of Empower Lounge, Misty Gibbs. The books offer step-by-step guidance for entrepreneurs on both the hard and soft skills of launching a new venture. “It was natural to include the glossary in the series, for the newcomers to the startup scene,” said Misty Gibbs. Learn more about those books here.

A pared down version of Startup Speak, called The BabyBird Guide to Business Terms: The Latest Lingo for Entrepreneurs, is available exclusively on Amazon and is free to their Prime members.

About Tanya White

Tanya White is the Founder of the digital publishing company BabyBird Guide, Knowledge in Bite-Sized Pieces. Marketing executive turned entrepreneur, Tanya has built a career around delivering content to customers in meaningful ways that fits the myriad of learning styles of consumers. Tanya has created and executed integrated marketing plans for companies from Fortune 50 to startups. You can find her on LinkedIn.

About BabyBird Guide

BabyBird Guide, Knowledge in Bite-Sized Pieces, is a digital publishing company based in Austin, Texas, providing practical ebook guides on a range of topics from business to travel, from wine to health, and more. Our mission is to provide information in an easy-to-consume, fun format that is available globally for the device of choice for readers: any device, anywhere!