Press Release: Photo Contest

Press Release: Photo Contest

UT, Austin Student Hikes to Texas’ Tallest Peak and Shoots Boyfriend

September 17, 2013, Austin, Texas – Jenny Farar did not plan to shoot her boyfriend when she woke up that morning. The couple was cooking over their campfire in the Guadalupe Mountains when his nagging started; he was anxious to hike to the top of Texas’ highest peak. Although Farar agreed to go, she did not anticipate the strain of climbing over 8,700 feet. But, hours of difficult hiking later, Farar reached the top. That is when, staring at the mountainous view, she shot the back of her boyfriend’s head. Months later, her adventure has won her the Grand Prize of an Austin startup’s Adventure Photo Contest. Jenny Farar winning photo

BabyBird Guide, a digital publishing ebook startup based in Austin, Texas, launched their Adventures Photo Contest this summer, asking the world “What does adventure look like to you?” and “How did you get ‘OUTTA THE NEST’?” People around the world were captivated by each other’s adventure stories, and inspired to submit their own photos. The conversation exploded across Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, with a variety of submissions. “Adventure” was defined by photos of biking nude through Spain, saying “I do” in Las Vegas, and grilling during a monsoon. See them all in the Photo Contest on BabyBird Guide’s Facebook page.

“When we started this contest, we weren’t sure what to expect,” said Tanya White, Founder of BabyBird Guide, “I was incredibly impressed, not only with the amount of engagement, but the range of interpretations of what adventure means. Farar shooting her boyfriend was a bit of a surprise as the winner. But, the people voted, and we went with that.”

BabyBird’s call for adventure made Farar pause. She was inspired to share her definition of adventure, but she wasn’t sure shooting her boyfriend in the back of the head would be very popular with the global community. But, seeing the top of Texas and shooting her boyfriend, and posting it to Instagram, was adventure enough for her. Not to mention she wanted that Kindle, along with the rest of the grand prize package.

gene wilderWorldwide sharing went viral across every social media platform, including Instagram, Google+, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Fleeting “selfie-pics”, reacting to the contest, were sent on Snapchat too, although we’ll never be able to know for sure. Of all the submissions, Farar’s voting numbers skyrocketed above the competition. International followers, fans, and Farar’s supportive Grandma fervently voted for her adventure once every hour, as the contest permitted. When voting came to a close on August 23rd, the results were obvious. Farar’s adventure of shooting the back of her boyfriend’s head won by a landslide; she was gilded the first winner of the BabyBird Adventures Photo Contest.

BabyBird Guide continues to encourage adventure well after the global buzz and hype has died down at the photo contest’s end. Farar responded to the excitement by saying, “Most importantly, the climb helped me realize that I can do anything I set my mind to (including climbing the tallest mountain in Texas). I am so honored and incredibly happy to win the BabyBird ADVENTURES Photo Contest.”

All of the adventurous photos and stories can still be viewed on BabyBird Guide’s website, Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook by searching with the hashtag: #BabyBirdAdventuresPC.
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About Jenny Farar Jenny Farar is a junior at the University of Texas, Austin. The English Lit major says pajama pants are like wearing a hug, is excited about the return of the Pumpkin Spiced Latte, and does not trust those who bite their ice cream. Now that she has won the contest, she prefers the name, “Jenny, the winner.”
About Tanya White Tanya White is the Founder of the digital publishing company BabyBird Guide, Knowledge in Bite-Sized Pieces™. Tanya has made a career out of figuring people out and cleverly delivering content. She has created and executed integrated marketing plans for companies from Fortune 50 to startups. Tanya loves to give away prizes. You can find Tanya on LinkedIn.
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