Press Release Nails Y’all Partnership

Press Release Nails Y’all Partnership

BabyBird Gets Nailed, Y’all

Two Austin Startups Work Together to Produce a Marketing Twist

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December 2, 2013, Austin, Texas – Things heated up between BabyBird and another sexy Austin Startup. Now, BabyBird Guide has partnered with Nails Y’all to create the greatest stocking stuffer of the season: a designed set of nail press-ons inspired by the BabyBird logo.

BabyBird Guides are eBooks designed for knowledge-thirsty people with limited time to read. They’re like CliffsNotes for everything on your life’s bucket list, from finding a job to traveling to Paris. Nails Y’all is the creator of the hand-painted nail art masterpieces. They are custom designs every girl dreams of, from your fiancee’s name to Senator Wendy Davis’s face. The two Austin startups married when Nails Y’all created a custom set of BabyBird’s mischievous and adorable logo. No one was surprised that Nails Y’all “nailed” BabyBird Guide, either, because they’re both so easy. That is to say, BabyBird Guides can be read in 30 minutes or less, while Nails Y’all have simple nail kits for you to press-on and keep your masterpieces on your nail beds.

Founder and nail artist extraordinaire, Meghann Rosales said, “Nails Y’all + BabyBird are so excited to introduce our pretty little brainchild! With proper use and storage, these babies will help you thumb through all that the guides have to offer!”

Each of the Austin Startup Founders, Meghan Rosales, of Nails Y’all, and Tanya White, of BabyBird Guide, were looking for ways to increase their exposure in new and exciting ways that did their brands justice. Not to mention that the founders put a “nail in the coffin” about the controversial assumption that women can’t have both brains or beauty. By partnering, you can read about life topics from BabyBird in eBooks that can be digested in 30 minutes or less, while wearing easy-to-use, beautifully designed nail sets that make you look fabulous. So, gear up girls, because you can now wear your knowledge-thirsty personality on your nail beds.

Tanya White, of BabyBird Guide said, “Meghann’s creativity and artistic style fits perfectly with the brand we’re building for BabyBird. Her creation is perfect for us, and it was a fun experience to be a part of the design process”

Check out why the country is going crazy over all of the books at BabyBird Guide, and all of Nails Y’all’s nail masterpieces.

About Nails Y’all

With a dedication to healthy, beautiful natural nail care, Meghann Rosales can make even the nubbiest of nails shine. A California-born, Texas-raised cartoonist, Meghann graduated from beauty school, one of many credentials, including a Masters in Education.

About BabyBird Guide

BabyBird Guide was incorporated in 2013 with a single mission: to create non-fiction ebooks in easy-to-digest pieces that are fun to read and affordable. That’s how we landed on our tagline: Knowledge in Bite-Sized Pieces™. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, authors live around the world and titles are currently published in English only. The ebooks can be read in about 30 minutes and are priced at what a single chapter might cost.