When did you have to get out of the nest and your comfort zone?
Tell us by posting on BabyBird Facebook or Instagram!

BB Adventures Photo Contest 2013 Image

BabyBird Adventures Photo Contest!

Outta the Nest!


ONE WILL WIN a Pocket-sized Kindle for traveling, loaded with every BabyBird Guide
A Poster-print of your winning Adventurous Photo from Precision Camera (16X20)
A Press Release, including your bio and winning photo, to top photography magazines!

BabyBird Adventures Photo Contest is a chance for you to post your photo that squawks “ADVENTURE”. Explain your adventure with an interesting caption and the hashtag  #BabyBirdAdventuresPC and show the world what jumping out of the nest looks like!

What counts as “adventure” anyway?

You tell us! Is it skydiving in Switzerland, running a 10K in Buenos Aires, learning to swim at age 50, mastering the impossible Pinterest brownie recipe, getting engaged, going far away from home, or finding the unusual and exciting in your own backyard?

Now until August 23rd on BabyBird Guide’s Facebook Page or Instagram Page!

ONE will WIN by People’s Choice!

The one with the most “Likes”, on Facebook or Instagram, will win a pocket-sized Kindle, ideal for taking with you on adventures, and *every* BabyBird Guide!

AND THAT’S NOT ALL! The winner will also receive a poster print of their winning photo, provided by Precision Camera!

THERE’S MORE!!! BabyBird Guide will send a press release to five (yes 5!) top photography magazines with details about the contest, the winner and the winning photo (along with the link to the winners portfolio or blog page if they have one)

The Bird Seed

When are the contest dates? Any photos with a title and caption posted to the BabyBird Guide Facebook or BabyBird Instagram page between July 31st and August 23rd and #BabyBirdAdventuresPC are eligible to win the BabyBird Adventures Photo Contest GRAND PRIZE.
How/Where to submit? All photos that are #BabyBirdAdventuresPC posted on the BabyBird Guide Facebook timeline or Instagram page will be considered during the qualifying dates, July 29th to August 23rd, 2013.
Who can win? Wherever in the world you live, you can participate in the Adventures Photo Contest! BabyBird cannot be held accountable for any issues getting your new Kindle to work, we don’t control the internet and your access to Amazon…but…we’ll ship all your goodies wherever you are!
How can I win? Win the “People’s Choice” by having the most “Likes” on August 23, 2013, on the BabyBird Guide Facebook Page timeline or Instagram Page. There is just one submission
per photo; post once on either Facebook or Instagram, and “Share” on both.
Who can “Like” it? Anyone with a Facebook or Instagram account who has “Liked” the BabyBird Guide Facebook page can “Like” the most adventurous photo of their choice. A suggestion: for more “Likes” on Facebook, the participants should “Share” the Facebook Page on their Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. The more shares, the more likes, the more likely you can win the Grand Prize!
Who are the judges? You! Let everyone show their support for your photo, the most likes on the final day, in the final minute, is the winner!
What can be submitted? Anyone can submit any photo*. The photos should have a title and caption explaining the moment and why it was an adventurous moment for you. You may post as many photos as you would like on the wall.
Who can enter? Anyone, of any age, of any professional or amateur photography status, from any country in the world may enter the contest and qualify to win. Simply have an adventurous photo and story caption to share. If it’s your photo, you can enter it at #BabyBirdAdventuresPC.**
What are in the title and caption? Include a caption to describe how this represents an adventurous moment when you spread your wings and had to fly. First-person writing is a more effective way to provide insight into your experience. Tell us where you are, what you’re doing, that put you outside your comfort zone!
What is the prize? An adventure! The winner will receive all of the following: a new pocket-sized Kindle, loaded with every BabyBird Guide, a poster-print of the winning photo from Precision Camera, and an issued press release sharing your photo and bio to top photography magazines!
Once on the wall, what do I expect? From there, “Share” your photo, or wait to see who “Likes” your photo the most. Also, BabyBird will promote your photo via their Facebook page, Instagram, and Twitter account, by sharing your photo and tagging your name. Submission of a photo to the Facebook page provides BabyBird Guide the rights to share that photo on all vehicles and through any media and channels in an appropriate manner.
When does the contest end? August 23rd until 11:59p.m.
When will the winners be announced? Within a week of the contest end.
When is the prize sent out? The submissions to photo contests, photo magazines, and press release will be sent out within a month of contest end date
*Only original works may be submitted. No copyright infringement please and any offending photos will be immediately removed from the contest
** The winning photographer will be required to sign a release and ownership form prior to the release of the PR