The BabyBird Guide to London, England: Big Ben, Bangers and Beyond

The BabyBird Guide to London, England: Big Ben, Bangers and Beyond


The BabyBird Guide to London: Big Ben, Bangers, and Beyond

Get the lowdown on London with the BabyBird Guide to London: Big Ben, Bangers, and Beyond! A fun and practical introduction for anyone planning a trip to London, you can read the guide in 30 minutes!

Questions you may have about London: What time of year is the best to go? How do I get the best deals? How can I dress and talk like the locals? Which neighborhood should I stay in? How will I get around? Why is London called The Big Smoke? What is a ‘crisp’? BabyBird answers these questions and more in a concise and easy format with a fun style. Links to resources are included, all the research is done for you!

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The guide begins with touchdown in London, giving travelers the basics for how to get into the heart of the city, whether from the airport or the train station. (Pro tip from BabyBird: no need for a car—not only do Londoners drive on the “wrong” side of the road, most of them take public transport!) There is plenty of information about how to navigate all around the city, whether aboveground by double-decker bus or belowground via the Tube.

With more than two dozen suggestions for things to do and see, BabyBird offers plenty of ideas for visitors to London, whether it is their first time or their fifth. There are the “must sees,” including Big Ben, the Tower of London, and Piccadilly Circus. For those looking to try something different, BabyBird’s got it covered with tips such as where to see renowned street art or to dig into a plate of Bangers and Mash. Or how about a week of learning about the Beatles? There’s a little something for every type of traveler in London, and this guide will help you plan the trip that fits.

The BabyBird Guide to London can serve as a launch pad for further research, a handy e-reference while on the go, or a complete resource for a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants adventure.

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