The BabyBird Guide to Job Hunting: Aim, Focus, and Land the One You Want

The BabyBird Guide to Job Hunting: Aim, Focus, and Land the One You Want

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The BabyBird Guide to Job Hunting: Aim, Focus, and Land the One You Want

Are you on the job hunt? Perhaps you are currently employed, looking for something closer to your Dream Job. Maybe you’re unemployed, feeling frustrated and anxious by the lack of traction resulting from your job search efforts. Learn from the career expert, Vicky Smith, who has been helping individuals develop their careers for more than twenty years. Vicky has worked directly with hundreds of companies to build their teams with top talent. She has netted out all these years of experience into one simple and easy-to-understand guide that will take minutes, not hours, to read.

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There is a myriad of advice about job hunting and hundreds of books already, so what makes the BabyBird Guide unique? The BabyBird Guide to Job Hunting: Aim, Focus, and Land the One You Want keeps it short and sweet, focusing on the most important activities you need to keep in sight to be successful in your job search. Questions you may have about job hunting: What is the hidden job market? How important is networking? With all the technology available, what role do traditional tools like resumes and cover letters play? The BabyBird Guide to Job Hunting answers all these questions and more in the fun and easy style that only BabyBird Guide brings. Links to resources are included. All the research is done for you!

The BabyBird Guide to Job Hunting begins with an overview of today’s job market and how it may be impacting your success in the marketplace. From there you’ll jump right into defining your brand to ensure that your capabilities are effectively positioned. Learn how to use current marketing tools and the importance of defining your target job market. With this information, you’ll learn how to establish your network and what to do before, during, and after the interview.Vicky wraps the book up by dispelling common myths about job hunting. She includes a Job Search Summary that provides a checklist for the job seeker to ensure that nothing gets in the way of success! Every job hunter will uncover valuable advice within this book. Learn from someone who has experienced through thousands what works and what doesn’t when looking for a job.

About the Author, Vicky Smith

Vicky Smith has been consulting individuals for over twenty years on the techniques for standing out in an over-crowded job market. She is passionate about providing her expertise to people going through the trauma of job loss and has worked with thousands who found their Dream Job with her help. Smith engages with international organizations and corporate clients, providing human resource consulting services. This work provides her unique insights into exactly what employers are seeking in resumes and cover letters, professional communications, and interviews.
Vicky is the co-author of the book Staffing Organizations, used by post-secondary institutions across Canada, has written for the Careers column of the London Free Press, and holds a Bachelor of Psychology Degree from the University of Windsor. You can find Vicky on LinkedIn or through her company, Contact Coaching & Training.

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