The BabyBird Guide to Barcelona: Captivated in Catalonia

The BabyBird Guide to Barcelona: Captivated in Catalonia


The BabyBird Guide to Barcelona: Captivated in Catalonia

Begin your enchanting path to the city of Gaudi with the BabyBird Guide to Barcelona, a fun and practical introduction for anyone planning a trip to Barcelona, you can read the guide in 30 minutes!

Questions you may have about Barcelona: Which neighborhood is the best one for me to stay in? How will I get around? What’s the difference between a hotel, hostel and a hostal? Is Catalan another name for Spanish? Who is Gaudi and where are the best places to see his work? What is tapas? BabyBird answers these questions and more in a concise and easy format with a fun style. Links to resources are included, all the research is done for you!

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The guide begins with your touchdown in Barcelona, giving travelers the basics for how to get into the heart of the city, whether from the airport or the train station. There is plenty of information about how to navigate all around the city, aboveground by double-decker bus or below ground via the metro. Learn about important elements that will help you plan your trip, like the role of soccer (locally called Futbol) and typical mealtimes (Protip from BabyBird Guide: take advantage of long lunch hours to rest up between activities).

With more than two dozen suggestions for things to do and see, BabyBird offers plenty of ideas for visitors to Barcelona, whether it is their first time or their fifth. There are the “must sees,” including Mount Tibidabo, Sagrada Famlia, and the Joan Miro Museum. For those looking to try something different, BabyBird’s got it covered with tips such as where to have relaxing picnics in the park or experiencing the monastic lifestyle. Or how about sipping coffee in a chair where Picasso sat? Or taking a day trip to explore Roman ruins? There’s a little something for every type of traveler in Barcelona, and this guide will help you plan the trip that fits.

The BabyBird Guide to Barcelona can serve as a launch pad for further research, a handy e-reference while on the go, or a complete resource for a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants adventure.

About the Author, Erin Whalen

Erin Whalen lived in Barcelona while attending ESADE Business School. When choosing a place to do her MBA Exchange Program, she looked for a city with an abundance of art, architecture, music, cuisine, and culture – all of which she found in Barcelona. She lived in an apartment in La Ribera and passed the Palau de la Música each morning (with a tortilla and café con leche in hand) on her way to Plaza Catalunya. In her free time, she spent every spare moment exploring the city and surrounding areas. An avid traveler, Erin has visited over 25 countries; she brings a unique perspective to the city of Barcelona, merging both a student and tourist experience. You can find Erin on LinkedIn. Erin is also the author of the BabyBird Guide to Shark Tank: From Prep to Pitch, An Insider’s Guide.