Our Mission

BabyBird was incorporated in 2013 with a single mission: to create non-fiction ebooks in easy-to-digest pieces that are fun to read and affordable. That’s how we landed on our tagline: Knowledge in Bite-Sized Pieces™. Headquartered in Austin, Texas, authors live around the world and titles are currently published in English only. The ebooks can be read in about 30 minutes and are priced at what a single chapter might cost.

What We Do

We produce non-fiction ebooks on topics spanning travel, business, health, food & wine, and more, under the BabyBird Guide brand. Authors are experienced on the topic, and we breathe life into a simple and easy-to-understand snapshot of that topic. BabyBird also helps authors interested in getting their works published, by collaborating with them to manage the digital publishing process and co-executing on marketing and promotional plans.
Early reviews have been favourable and support continues to grow for the BabyBird brand.
Interested in being an author for BabyBird Guides? Or need help getting your own piece published? Learn about our typical Author Profiles and contact us at MommaBird@BabyBirdGuide.com


Our Founder has always had a passion for figuring things out and in turn, sharing her knowledge with others. While planning a trip to Europe, she picked up a travel guide to Paris (we won’t say which one!) and was disappointed. It was expensive and long, including information she’d rather get elsewhere, like hotel recommendations and historical details. Her criteria had been simple: informative, succinct, and available on her chosen reading device, with enough information to arrive with confidence. An idea was born. Why not apply that skill for simplifying information to travel guides? With further research, Tanya discovered that the issue wasn’t limited to the travel section, there was a gap in the entire library of books, across all topics, for something small, informative and priced just right. Like CliffsNotes or Coles’ Notes, but for life.
BabyBird was born!
The BabyBird Guide series has expanded quickly. Priced for the consumer and written with a fun and light-hearted spirit, the number of titles continues to grow. See them all!

The Team

Tanya White is the Founder and spends her time working with authors to deliver against BabyBird’s mission. Tanya has over 15 years of experience working for technology companies, ranging from Fortune 50 to startups in size, with a focus on marketing. Her passion is to learn and curious is a good word to describe her. She is known as someone who can Figure It Out. She is also co-author of a series of books published by Empower Lounge, titled The Yin and Yang of Starting a Business. You can find her on LinkedIn or write to her at Tanya@BabyBirdGuide.com


Dean Cruse sits on the Advisory Board and brings 25 years of marketing experiences to the team. Dean is a senior-level Internet and software marketing executive with 25 years of experience leading marketing, sales, business development, product development and fundraising efforts for companies ranging in size from startups to Global 2000 organizations. He’s best known for driving awareness and demand for early stage technology companies, establishing their business models and ramping them to scale. His role on the Board is to ensure we’re pointing our efforts in the right direction and act as a sounding board for all aspects of the business. You can find him on LinkedIn.
Phil (Panther) Carmical sits on the Advisory Board and brings two decades of publishing experience to the team. Phil is the co-owner of Scrivener Publishing and East End Fitness and is the founder of the Austin Duathletes, based in Austin, TX. Phil has been working in niche publishing for 15 years, having worked as senior editor at Elsevier, then starting the book program at Gulf Publishing, where he previously launched 2 imprints. Scrivener Publishing was started in 2009 as a result of the Great Recession, and it is now a major player in energy and materials book publishing. As co-owner of East End Fitness, Phil has been a running, triathlon, cycling, and duathlon coach for 9 years and a certified personal trainer, having run over 30 marathons, placing in the top 5 overall finishers in 4 of them. He was also the Texas state duathlon champion for his age group for 2007, Clif Bar’s “Cyclist of the Year” for 2006, and raced as an elite duathlete in 2008. You can find him on LinkedIn.
Samantha Des Roches is our Contributing Editor and copywriter for the guides, working tirelessly to ensure we keep the grammar in line and the language tight. When you’re trying to deliver heaps of useful information in a small number of words, Samantha’s role is critical to the success of each title. Samantha has contributed behind-the-scenes to a variety of publications, in addition to BabyBird Guides, spanning topics from religion to wine. She uses her background as a Chef to work closely with upscale restaurants in the production process of their menus. You can reach her at Samantha@BabyBirdGuide.com




LizWalthallElizabeth Walthall is a Marketing Programs Manager and brings fun activities to our customers, like the Adventures Photo Contest, and she also ensures that the word is getting out about BabyBird Guides.  Elizabeth graduated from Pepperdine University as an International Studies Major, specializing in Intercultural Communication and Spanish. Her last few years were spent studying on the California beach, speaking Spanish for a year in South America, working for the government in Washington DC, and running marathons in between. She looks forward to what adventure lies next in marketing/advertising in Austin, Texas. You can find her on LinkedIn.
meghan leal
Meghan Leal is the creative eye behind the BabyBird Guide covers. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from TCU and couldn’t wait to return to Austin where she was born and raised. In addition to all things design, she has a passion for photography, winning numerous awards for her work, and shows her adventurous side by traveling the world.You can find her on LinkedIn.


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